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Centenary's Counseling Services

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Helping for Hurting Hearts

Jesus cares about our pain, and He wants to help us overcome the past and to heal our wounds. Sometimes we need direction on the journey to healing, and a Christian counselor can help guide us along the path. 

Centenary is home to a Christian Counseling ministry. Christian Counseling is a biblically based approach to counseling where the client and the counselor act together as a team, relying on the leading of the Holy Spirit, the Counselor. 

About Dr. Carol Saenger:

  • Dr. Carol Saenger is a Licensed Professional Clinical Counselor in the state of Kentucky. She entered the counseling profession in Alabama in 1983 and has held a Kentucky license in professional counseling since 2000. 

  • Recieved her Master's from Albama A&M University. 

  • Opened her own practice in Huntsville, Alabama. 

  • Completed her Doctrate of Ministry in Spiritual Formuation at Asbury Theological Seminary in 2004. 

  • Works primarly with adults experiencing depression, anxiety disorders, grief, and spiritual issues. She specializes in pre-marital and marital counseling. 

Make an appointment by calling (502) 551-8192. The first session is a "get-acquainted" time that is free of charge. 

Do to COVID-19 appointments will be held virtually via Zoom.

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