CUMC's Children's Ministry

Welcome to CUMC's Children's Ministry! We offer a safe space for children to be active and learn about God's love.

Nursery and Children's Sunday School is back!

Sunday School is currently at 9:00am.

Children 2 and up must wear a mask.

For questions about Children's programs please contact our new Director of Children's Ministry Reesa Headley at: 

Starting this month, we will be starting up another eight-week course. “Interstate For One Another” will help children understand the importance of “Traveling Through Life” with one another. Through a fun and educating way, this series will encourage children to build relationships with eachother. It will also help them understand that God created each of us to love and interact with other people. They will further see the importance of relying on each other to grow in their spiritual lives through the lessons: Traveling Together, Better Together, Reaching Out Together, Belonging Together, Growing Together, Serving Together, Worshipping Together and Celebrating Together. You can access these lessons on the Shelbyville Centenary Kids Facebook page or on the Centenary United Methodist Church website. These are fun short videos that strives in teaching children not only a bible lesson. If you have any issues accessing the videos, please let Reesa Headley know and we will make sure you child can receive the lesson.

Week 1: Traveling Together

Week 2: Better Together

Week 3: Reaching Out Together

Week 4: Belonging Together

Week 5: Growing Together

Week 6: Serving Together

Week 7: Worshipping Together